10-06-19 PM Language of Salvation–Ray Stone
10-13-19 AM Impediments to Prayer–Johnathan Fleming
10-13-19 PM “Jesus, My Lord”–Johnathan Fleming
10-20-19 AM David’s Charge to Solomon–Johnathan Fleming

10-20-19 PM Back to Basics–Johnathan Fleming
10-27-19 AM Themes of the Cross–Johnathan Fleming
11-03-19 AM Abominations unto the Lord–Johnathan Fleming
11-10 19 AM How Well do You Listen?–Johnathan Fleming
11-10-19 PM 3 More Essentials For a Strong Church–Johnathan Fleming
12-1-19 AM Calvinism: An Unbalanced Doctrine–Johnathan Fleming
12-22-19 AM Call Him Jesus, and Emmanuel–Johnathan Fleming
12-29-19 AM “We Can’t Understand!”–Ray Stone
1-05-20 AM “He Preached Christ”–Johnathan Fleming
1-05-20 PM Christian Courtesy–Johnathan Fleming
1-12-20 AM The Lord’s Supper–Johnathan Fleming
1-12-20 PM Why the Church is So Important–Johnathan Fleming
1-26-20 AM The Real Hero–Ray Stone
2-02-20 AM Big Little Things–Johnathan Fleming
2-02-20 PM Persuader of God or Man–Johnathan Fleming
2-09-20 AM Mind Your Own Business–Johnathan Fleming
2-09-20 PM The Christian’s Attitude–Johnathan Fleming
2-23-20 AM New Beginnings–Ray Stone
3-01-20 AM “I Am” Statements of Paul–Johnathan Fleming
3-01-20 PM Heavenly Focus–Johnathan Fleming
3-08-20 AM Guard Your Heart–Johnathan Fleming
3-08-20 PM If I’m Lost–Johnathan Fleming
3-15-20 AM Be Thou Faithful–Ray Stone
3-15-20 PM Maintaining Unity–God’s Way–Ray Stone
3-22-20 AM Faithful Fellow Servants–Johnathan Fleming
3-29-20 AM Spiritual Sacrifices–Johnathan Fleming
4-05-20 AM Four Fools of Proverbs–Johnathan Fleming
4-12-20 AM Job’s Words–Johnathan Fleming
4-19-20 AM Two Great Evils–Johnathan Fleming
4-26-20 AM Is the Bible Still Relevant?–Johnathan Fleming
5-03-20 AM Complete Christians–Johnathan Fleming
5-10-20 AM Earnestly Contend For the Faith–Johnathan Fleming
5-17-20 AM The Unbound Word of God–Johnathan Fleming
5-24-20 AM Holding Truth; Having Wrath–Johnathan Fleming
5-31-20 AM Parable of the Unjust Steward–Johnathan Fleming
6-07-20 The Resurrection of Jesus–Johnathan Fleming
6-14-20 AM Things We Cannot Escape–Johnathan Fleming
6-21-20 AM Blessing of Jesus’ Humanity–Johnathan Fleming
6-21-20 PM Faith in the Community–Johnathan Fleming
6-28-20 AM Learning From a Liar–Ray Stone
7-05-20 AM Comfort For the Afflicted–Johnathan Fleming
7-05-20 PM Faith in the Workplace–Johnathan Fleming
7-12-20 AM Sinking Souls–Johnathan Fleming
7-12-20 PM Faith in the Family–Johnathan Fleming
7-19-20 AM Five Views of Mark 16:16–Johnathan Fleming
7-19-20 PM The Devil’s Plan–Johnathan Fleming
7-26-20 AM Controversy With God–Johnathan Fleming
8-02-20 AM The Called-Out–Ray Stone
8-02-20 PM The House of God–Ray Stone
8-09-20 AM Peter, Paul and Mary–Roger Cronquist
8-09-20 PM Christ’s Body–Ray Stone
8-16-20 AM Are You Moving Forward?–Juan Martinez
8-16-20 PM God’s Kingdom–Ray Stone
8-23-20 AM God’s Temple–Ray Stone
8-30-20 AM God’s Farm–Ray Stone
9-06-20 AM Abigail’s Example–Johnathan Fleming
9-06-20 PM The Privilege of Obedience–Johnathan Fleming
9-13-20 AM People of the Way–Johnathan Fleming
9-13-20 PM What the Bible Says About Women Preachers–Johnathan Fleming
9-20-20 AM Joy Inexpressible–Johnathan Fleming
9-20-20 PM A Strong Congregation–Johnathan Fleming
9-27-20 AM Mary’s Child–Ray Stone
10-4- 20 AM Without Strength–Johnathan Fleming
10-4-20 PM The God of Mercy and of Justice–Johnathan Fleming
10-11-20 AM Distracted by Good–Johnathan Fleming
10-11- 20 PM Stewardship of Time–Johnathan Fleming
10-18-20 AM Contrite Confession of Sin–Johnathan Fleming
10-18-20 PM Remember Shiloh!–Johnathan Fleming
10-25-20 AM Search the Scriptures–Ray Stone
11-01-20 AM Peter’s Denial–Johnathan Fleming
11-01-20 PM Dead Man Walking–Johnathan Fleming
11-08-20 AM Praises, Principles and Proofs–Johnathan Fleming
11-08-20 PM Attitudes of Worship–Johnathan Fleming
11-15-20 AM He Who Hesitates–Ray Stone
11-15-20 PM Prophets, Priests and Kings–Ray Stone
11-22-20 AM The Chief Captain–Johnathan Fleming
11-22-20 PM Merely Members–Johnathan Fleming
11-29-20 AM Omniscient Questions–Johnathan Fleming
12-06-20 AM the Exalted Christ
12-06-20 PM Four Names For Christians–Johnathan Fleming
1-03-21 AM Oneness in Worship–Johnathan Fleming
1-17-21 AM The Called of God–Johnathan Fleming
1-17-21 PM The Shining Face of Moses–Johnathan Fleming
1-24-21 AM Paul in Athens–Johnathan Fleming
1-24-21 PM Saul, Agag and Samuel–Johnathan Fleming
1-31-21 AM The Day Jesus Visited Jericho–Johnathan Fleming
2-07-21 PM Paul’s Prayer For the Colossians–Johnathan Fleming
2-14-21 AM A New World For a New People–Johnathan Fleming
2-14-21 PM The Problem of Sin: Resolved–Johnathan Fleming
2-21-21 AM Walk in the Spirit–Johnathan Fleming
2-21-21 PM Three Questions With One Answer–Johnathan Fleming
3-07-21 AM Keys to Christian Faithfulness–Johnathan Fleming
3-07-21 PM The Blessed Way of Life–Johnathan Fleming
3-14-21 AM Help in the Time of Need–Johnathan Fleming
3-14-21 PM The Gospel Tenses–Johnathan Fleming
3-21-21 AM The View From Pisgah–Johnathan Fleming
3-21-21 PM The Power of God Seen in David–Johnathan Fleming
3-28-21 AM Three Steps of Faith–Ray Stone
4-04-21 AM Draw Near to God–Johnathan Fleming

4-04-21 PM What God Does Not Expect–Johnathan Fleming

4-11-21 AM How to Walk–Johnathan Fleming
4-11-21 PM Heirs of Abraham–Johnathan Fleming
4-18-21 AM “Behold the Man”–Johnathan Fleming
4-18-21 PM The Spirit and the Flesh–Johnathan Fleming
4-25-21 AM Psalm 22–Ray Stone
5-02-21 AM The Parable of the Net–Johnathan Fleming
5-02-21 PM Reasons to Keep On Running–Johnathan Fleming
5-09-21 AM Stir Up the Gift of God–Johnathan Fleming
5-09-21 PM Knowing God–Johnathan Fleming
5-16-21 AM Honoring Christ–Johnathan Fleming
5-16-21 PM Pure In Heart–Johnathan Fleming
5-23-21 AM Three “Let us…” exhortations–Johnathan Fleming
5-23-21 PM “The Hand of the Lord my God was upon me…”–Johnathan Fleming
5-30-21 AM Priorities (or, “Who’s on First?”!)–Ray Stone
6-06-21 AM Spiritual Ignorance–Johnathan Fleming
6-06-21 PM “Curse Ye Meroz”–Johnathan Fleming
6-13-21 AM “Here Am I, Send Me”–Johnathan Fleming
6-13-21 PM Evangelism Lessons From Paul–Johnathan Fleming
6-20-21 AM The Operation of God–Johnathan Fleming
6-20-21 PM Christ’s Body on the Earth–Johnathan Fleming
6-27-21 AM Miracles That Didn’t Happen–Ray Stone
7-04-21 AM Disciples of Jesus–Johnathan Fleming
7-04-21 PM Trials to Triumph–Johnathan Fleming
7-11-21 AM “My People Love to Have it So”–Johnathan Fleming
7-11-21 PM Shining as Lights–Johnathan Fleming
7-18-21 AM Acceptable in Thy Sight–Johnathan Fleming
7-18-21 PM There’s a Great Day Coming–Johnathan Fleming
7-25-21 The Key to Forgiveness–Ray Stone
8-01-21 AM Complete Christians–Johnathan Fleming