10-06-19 PM Language of Salvation–Ray Stone
10-13-19 AM Impediments to Prayer–Johnathan Fleming
10-13-19 PM “Jesus, My Lord”–Johnathan Fleming
10-20-19 AM David’s Charge to Solomon–Johnathan Fleming

10-20-19 PM Back to Basics–Johnathan Fleming
10-27-19 AM Themes of the Cross–Johnathan Fleming
11-03-19 AM Abominations unto the Lord–Johnathan Fleming
11-10 19 AM How Well do You Listen?–Johnathan Fleming
11-10-19 PM 3 More Essentials For a Strong Church–Johnathan Fleming
12-1-19 AM Calvinism: An Unbalanced Doctrine–Johnathan Fleming
12-22-19 AM Call Him Jesus, and Emmanuel–Johnathan Fleming
12-29-19 AM “We Can’t Understand!”–Ray Stone
1-05-20 AM “He Preached Christ”–Johnathan Fleming
1-05-20 PM Christian Courtesy–Johnathan Fleming
1-12-20 AM The Lord’s Supper–Johnathan Fleming
1-12-20 PM Why the Church is So Important–Johnathan Fleming
1-26-20 AM The Real Hero–Ray Stone
2-02-20 AM Big Little Things–Johnathan Fleming
2-02-20 PM Persuader of God or Man–Johnathan Fleming
2-09-20 AM Mind Your Own Business–Johnathan Fleming
2-09-20 PM The Christian’s Attitude–Johnathan Fleming
2-23-20 AM New Beginnings–Ray Stone
3-01-20 AM “I Am” Statements of Paul–Johnathan Fleming
3-01-20 PM Heavenly Focus–Johnathan Fleming
3-08-20 AM Guard Your Heart–Johnathan Fleming
3-08-20 PM If I’m Lost–Johnathan Fleming
3-15-20 AM Be Thou Faithful–Ray Stone
3-15-20 PM Maintaining Unity–God’s Way–Ray Stone
3-22-20 AM Faithful Fellow Servants–Johnathan Fleming